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Major Updates

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Yes, this is

kind of a mess.

I'm SaturnSerkel, an artist specialized on drawing animu and vidya james characters. If i'm the slightest bit of recognizable, you might know me for some mid tier Megaman artwork.

This is a website I've been making since I was a teenager, and since I'm a lazy fuck it's still on it's early stages. I'm quite satisfied for how it looks as of now but I really am in awe on how some of these Neocities folk handle HTML and CSS like complete pros.

I could make something cool, but I just don't have the time nor the energy to do so, so this is all placeholder until I get my ass to work.

That's if I even HAVE the time to do so, College is fuarrking my ass, and I mostly only have time to draw as a hobby.

So yeah, expect some art related thingys and maybe some more stuff.

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